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Join The Joneses

Pinchapoo What Ever is Needed Pack - Donated to Pinchapoo

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We will buy the most that we can for your donated amount and send it to Pinchapoo on your behalf. 

This pack will include whatever is in most demand at the time. This could include dental hygiene products, deodorant, soap, shampoo or any other products that are in demand. This will range from children to adult packs and we will try our best to spread the donations evenly across all age groups.

To minimise the postage costs, all donated products will be sent to Pinchapoo once a week.

We sincerely thank you for purchasing this donated product. Your kindness is going a long way to making people's lives better - THANK YOU! 


Please note that although you need to enter your address at the checkout, these items will be sent directly to Pinchapoo, not your address.

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