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Join The Joneses

A Little Time For Me ~ 12 Months Commitment (25% Off First Month)

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Please note that if you select the "Yearly Up-Front" option, you will also receive a free mystery box which will be sent out in the week of purchase.

Use the code 25OFF to get 25% off the first month at the checkout when you subscribe to 12 months (this is not valid for payment upfront as this price already includes a large discount for up-front payment).

Join The Joneses is on a mission to help women remember how to look after themselves, and to prioritise their self care.

We know first hand what a difference a bit of self care can make.

We will take you on a 12 month journey of self care. We will teach you, give you the tools and resources you need to do it and we will have fun along the way. Each month you will also receive a beautiful gift box delivered straight to your front door to help remind you to prioritise yourself.

Each month has a different theme, but the focus is always on self care. We want to help you avoid the burn out we suffered, and we want to lead the self care revolution for women in Australia!

Self care is NOT selfish... it's about giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you! ❤️