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Our founder is a very big believer in "A little kindness goes a long way!". 

She knows the importance of feeling included, and how big a difference a little kindness can make to someone's life. Coming from a family that left a war-torn country for a better life, with no English skills, and nothing other than what they could carry, the kindness of strangers allowed them to create a better life for their children, and give them hope that everything would be okay.

When Join the Joneses was born, it was initially setup as a Designer Handbag Hire Service. This may sound like a strange beginning, but our founder has always been passionate about people feeling included, and this was her way of trying to make something that was seemingly unreachable to many people, accessible. If you can't afford to buy a Designer Handbag, maybe you can afford to hire one and even for a day, feel a part of a world that would otherwise be out of reach.

It wasn't long before our founder decided that this was not enough, and not really the right fit for the long term vision of Join the Joneses. 

So the idea was born to work with a charity and donate beautifully chosen products that will hopefully help others in need, just as donated products helped our founders family during their time of need. 

We strongly believe in a "pay it forward" system and we aim to donate as much as we can. Your help in this vision is priceless and we will never be able to thank you enough! x


Pinchapoo (slang for Pinch-a-shampoo) is proudly responsible for creating a cheeky hotel toiletry ‘pinching’ movement 12 years ago… and for good reason!

Using this world first, modern day Robin Hood concept together with landfill stock rescue programs, Pincahpoo have redistributed more than 8.5 MILLION personal hygiene products to hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged men, women and children nationally each year.

Pinchapoo is the biggest national not-for-profit supplier of personal hygiene essentials and works with over 600 + leading organisations, community groups and government institutions as a total hygiene solution, providing a reliable source of customised, culturally appropriate and gender inclusive packs to EVERYBODY in EVERY situation of need.

Pinchapoo not only donates hygiene products, but they also provide emergency foster care packs, and many other products and services. They work with groups like domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, Backpacks for SA Kids, and so many more!


Kate Austin is the founder of Pinchapoo.

She is a remarkable woman, who fought through her darkest days after narrowly escaping death in a domestic violence incident, to create what has today become one of the biggest not-for-profit supplier of products to people in need.

Pinchapoo began after a decade of Kate having to work her way through her trauma, and surviving years of relentless PTSD, severe anxiety, depression, OCD, disassociation psychosis, self-harming and suicide attempts. She has an incredible story of how she turned her life around, and Join The Joneses could not be prouder to be working with Kate & her incredible team at Pinchapoo.

Read more of Kate's story here:



Join The Joneses is extremely excited to be working with Pinchapoo and we believe that together we can make a big change to the lives of many people.

Pinchapoo will distribute all donated or gifted products to people in need. We have already begun donating and we can't wait to make a difference to as many lives as we can!

Thank you for being on this journey with us, we will never be able to explain how much it means to us!