About Us



Join The Joneses as a business has evolved so much over time, as has its owner. 😉

 At the core however, Join The Joneses has not changed. Our ongoing mission and at the centre of everything we do, continues to be to help people feel loved, pampered and not neglect themselves.❤️

At Join The Joneses, we believe that EVERYONE has a right to feel loved & pampered, regardless of their personal circumstances.

We know first hand how busy women neglect themselves to take care of those around them, and how this can be a slippery slope to severe burn out. Our monthly subscription was created to help busy women (like us) to stop, take care of ourselves for a bit, and then go back to conquering our worlds in a more refreshed & revitalised way. After all, you can't pour from an empty cup - so let us help you fill that cup! 😄

Our monthly subscription, which we specifically named "A Little Time For Me" will act as a reminder when it arrives on your doorstep, that it's time to stop and look after you. We will teach you, show you and guide you on a path to self care to help ensure you avoid severe burn out.

You will have immediate access to our Helpful Hub that is filled with lots of different resources to help you prioritise yourself. You can access this hub whenever you need to. You will also be guided each month with a new learning and a new gift box. We want to help you feel good, learn and take care of yourself. 

We believe that together we can eliminate the stigma that self care is selfish - because it absolutely IS NOT SELFISH!

From the very beginning, Join The Joneses partnered with an amazing charity. We constantly donate to our charity partner, and they distributes all of our donated products or gifts to people in need. We hope that these beautifully chosen products & gifts allow people in need to feel a little brighter, and a little more hopeful. A reminder that good is still out there in the world. ❤️



Our Mission at Join The Joneses is inclusion, love and self care for EVERYONE!

We strongly believe that everyone has a right to feel loved, pampered and dignified regardless of their personal circumstances.

 At Join The Joneses we aim to give everyone a great experience, both with our products and customer service. 

More so, we are passionate about helping people. We want to help busy women realise that self care is NOT selfish, and we want to show them how much of a difference a bit of self care can make to their mindset, and their world. We are also super passionate about helping others less fortunate, and that is why our charity partnership with Pinchapoo is so important to us.

We have chosen Pinchapoo as our partner charity and we are so excited to be working with them! Pinchapoo works with many groups of people including domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, people at risk of homelessness as well as children in need, and so many more!

We continue to donate as many products as we can through Pincahpoo, but we have also setup a section in our online shop where customers can specifically buy  items in need, to donate. We take care of sourcing the products, packing them and sending them to Pinchapoo, who distribute them to those most in need at the time.

Read more about them in "Charity Partner" page.


We are very proud of our efforts to make the world a little better, and we hope you come along on this journey with us!

Remember, a little kindness (including to yourself) goes a long way!