Let us take the hassle out of Father's Day gift shopping this year, after all making things easier for yourself is a form of self-care! 💕

Do you remember what A Little Time For Me feels like?

We want to remind you, teach you and help you avoid severe burnout, so no-one suffers the way we did...

Masterclasses, tools, a helpful hub available whenever you need it... & a beautiful gift box delivered straight to your front door every month!

Most women spend 5 minutes or less a day looking after themselves.

Is this you?

Let us help you find A Little Time For Me.

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  • Relaxation & Pamper Items

    Each month you will receive items that are easy to use, but designed to help you relax and feel a little pampered, without taking up too much of your precious time.

  • Experience, Knowledge & Helpful Hub Access

    Each month you will have Exclusive access to a new learning (such as hypnosis, masterclass, meditation etc) and access to our Helpful Hub. The hub has lots of different tools & resources that you can access anytime you need a little extra help.

  • Live, Laugh, Love - join the self care journey

    Something Yummy

    Self care and yummy things can go hand in hand 😃

    From delicious locally made chocolate to yummy healthy chips and recipes that are good for you, each month you will also receive some yummy things!

  • Self Care Self Love

    Join the A Little Time For Me Revolution

    Join our members and learn how to prioritise yourself again!

    We will remind you, teach you and help you prioritise yourself again to avoid severe burnout, so no-one suffers the way we did.

  • Get a monthly gift box delivered to your front door

    Each month, you will receive a gift box delivered straight to your front door!

    This box will have tools & resources to help you practice some self care, whilst also pampering you and giving you lovely gifts each month 😃

  • Masterclasses, Experiences & Helpful Hub

    Each month you will be invited to a masterclass or experience to help you prioritise yourself and learn how to look after yourself again!

    You will also get immediate access to the Helpful Hub, where you can access resources & tools to help you whenever you need them.